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Category : Fire and Smoke Damage

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Instructor : Brad Kovar Brad Kovar

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Fire and Smoke Damage Consultant

Course Description

This course is designed to aid candidates in preparation for the ACAC Council-certified Fire and Smoke Damage Consultant/Technician/Assistant Technician certification examinations. To this end, the course provides discussion of the domains of knowledge addressed by the ACAC exam and the topics identified by the ACAC certification board. Your instructor for this prep-course, Brad Kovar, was the primary drafter of the ACAC Study Guide from which certification exam questions were drawn. Whether you are preparing for the ACAC certification exam or a practitioner in the field of fire and smoke damage (e.g., Investigator/consultant, remediation technician or insurance adjuster) this training course will help you responsibly and accurately assess property smoke damage and particle exposure as a result of structure fire, protein (kitchen) fire or wildfire.

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Tim Gallant

Exceptional fire and smoke damage prep-course……..exactly as advertised! Thanks Scheduling my ACAC exam today.

Barry Speer

I’m sending a couple more engineers to sign up for your course. I’m also working on wrapping it up myself. I’m reminded as I get back into it, that you have done a great job at putting this together! Quality work…

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